Scotland to host Arctic Circle Forum

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed she will host Scotland’s first-ever Arctic Circle Forum in Edinburgh in November.

She made the announcement in Reykjavik, Iceland, at the annual gathering of the Arctic Circle Assembly, which is attended by governments and organisations with an interest in the Arctic region.

Sturgeon set out her vision for greater economic collaboration among countries in northern Europe.

With Arctic nations accounting for half of the top ten sources of foreign investment into Scotland, as well three of the Scotland’s six largest export markets, the First Minister has said there are clear benefits in forging closer ties.

She said that investing in a low carbon future can bring significant opportunities for northern nations.

“Action on climate change is, first and foremost, an overwhelming moral imperative –  and Scotland is leading the way internationally in combatting it,” said Sturgeon.

“Yet with Scotland employing almost 60,000 people in low carbon industries, there is still scope for significant further growth.

“Our northern nation neighbours are obvious partners in this.

“Scotland is taking an increasingly prominent role in the work of the Arctic Circle Assembly and associated cooperation, and I believe there are clear benefits for us all by forming closer ties.

“That is why I look forward to welcoming representatives from across the region to the Edinburgh forum next month.

“I am determined that Scotland will remain an open, internationalist, outward looking nation. Strengthening our role in the Arctic Circle is an important part of that.”