Scots unemployment falls to record low of 3.2%

Scotland’s unemployment rate has fallen to a record low of 3.2%, while the rate for the UK as a whole stands at 3.8%.

Commenting on this month’s labour market statistics update, released by the ONS for January 2019 to March 2019, Business Minister Jamie Hepburn said: “The Scottish economy and jobs market continues to strengthen.

“Scotland’s employment rate is 75.4% and the unemployment rate sits at 3.2%, a new record low and lower than the UK rate of 3.8%. 

“Indeed this is the fifth month in a row Scotland has seen record low unemployment levels.

“Labour market figures for women and young people in Scotland once again outperform the UK.

“Scotland’s employment rate for women rose to 72.0%, higher than the UK rate of 71.8%.

“The employment rate for young people in Scotland rose to 59.3%, higher than the UK rate of 54.6%.

“Scotland’s unemployment rate for young people, 6.6%, is a record low and lower than the UK.

“While Scotland’s economy and job market continues to grow, the UK Government’s EU exit plans, in whatever form, will cost jobs, make people poorer and damage our society.

“The Scottish Government has consistently been clear that the best option for the future wellbeing and prosperity of Scotland, and the UK as a whole, is to stay in the European Union.”