Article 50 author Kerr joins call to stop Brexit

Lord Kerr

More than 60 leading public figures in Scotland — including Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, the Scottish peer who wrote Article 50 — have published an open letter calling for Brexit to be halted and warning of the “disastrous consequences” of leaving the EU.

The letter, published in Glasgow’s Herald newspaper, said: “We see our society, economy and politics becoming ever more undermined due to the impact of Brexit.

“We recognise that a narrow majority voted to leave the European Union, but the disastrous consequences are now becoming ever clearer – every day.

“Even before the UK has left the EU, we face falling living standards, rising inflation, slowing growth and lower productivity …

“In a democracy, it is always possible to think again and to choose a different direction.

“We need to think again about Brexit, to have a UK-wide debate about calling a halt to the process and changing our minds.

“We call for a national debate on Brexit.

“We ask our fellow citizens, and our politicians, to think again. It is time to call a halt to Brexit.”

Last November, Kerr told the BBC in an interview he believed the Brexit process was “not irrevocable.”

Kerr said the UK could choose to stay in the EU even after exit negotiations had begun.

Kerr is a former head of the British diplomatic service and served as both UK ambassador to the EU and the United States.

Kerr said in November the UK “might want to think again” when Brexit terms become clearer.

“It is not irrevocable,” said Kerr in November.

“You can change your mind while the process is going on.

“During that period, if a country were to decide actually we don’t want to leave after all, everybody would be very cross about it being a waste of time.

“They might try to extract a political price but legally they couldn’t insist that you leave.”