Scots household bills up £167 a month in 2022 – KPMG

The rising cost of living has caused bills in the average Scottish household to rise by £167 per month during 2022, according to new research released by KPMG.

KPMG surveyed 250 Scottish consumers of varying household incomes in early September, finding that essential household costs — food, energy, fuel, mortgage or rent — have risen by an average of £167.10 per month since 2022 began.

Scottish household bills have seen the second highest rise across the UK after London, which rose by an average of £203.

Across the UK, the average monthly spend among 3,000 surveyed consumers rose by £145.

The survey findings showed that the highest average monthly cost increase was amongst consumers aged 35-44, who reported paying £194.40 more a month than in January.

Linda Ellett, UK Head of Consumer Markets, Retail and Leisure at KPMG, said: “Scottish consumers told us that rising essential costs have left them £167 worse off a month compared to the start of the year.

“Of course, some households are already paying more than this average, and all households still have October’s energy price rise to manage.”

Those that have been buying less this year have most commonly been cutting back on eating out (59%), clothing (54%), and takeaways (51%) – the three most common areas of spending reduction from polling in April and December 2021.