London smaller stocks trading halted twice

Trading in the shares of small company shares on the London Stock Exchange was halted twice on Tuesday due to outages — the second time in less than two months that dealing in such shares has been disrupted.

Trading was temporarily stopped twice on the FTSE small cap index, potentially affecting hundreds of stocks.

At 9.29am LSEG said: “The London Stock Exchange still investigating an incident. Currently only FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and IOB securities are available for trading.”
At 12.17pm LSEG said: “Impacted instruments are being resumed. Order driven securities will enter into a re-opening auction at 12:20 with uncrossing beginning at 12:40.
“During this period, instrument status will be shown as Halted but customers will be able to manage their orders in the system. After the uncrossing, the instrument status will be updated to Regular Trading.
“At 12:20pm, SETSqx securities will return to their regular schedule but instrument status will show as Halted.
“In SETSqx securities, customers will be able to manage quotes and orders as normal in this period, with the next scheduled auction uncrossing at 14:00 as per the normal schedule after which the instrument status will move from Halted to a instrument status that reflects its regular schedule.
“Pure quote driven securities will continue to show as Halted although quotes can still be managed in the system with investigations ongoing.”
At 12.43pm, LSEG said: “Impacted securities are now in regular trading.”