RJ McLeod bought by OCU Group of Stockport

Stockport-based OCU Group, an energy transition and utilities services company, announced the acquisition of Glasgow and Dingwall-based RJ McLeod (Contractors) Limited.

“RJ McLeod has over a seven-decade history of delivering complex engineering solutions to a wide range of clients,” said OCU.

“RJ McLeod will continue to operate under the same name, with the same staff, same locations, and same work; now supported by the strength and increased capabilities from within OCU Group.

“Today’s acquisition increases OCU Group revenues to over £800m and grows the capability and capacity for work in supporting the critical UK energy transition.

“The move enhances OCU’s market positions in areas such as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), wind power, hydro power, substation construction and grid reinforcement.”

OCU Group CEO Michael Hughes said: “The RJ McLeod acquisition marks a key milestone in the OCU Group journey to become the leading energy transition and utilities contractor in the UK.

“RJ McLeod has built an unrivalled engineering expertise and reputation which now further strengthen our offering to clients. The breadth and depth of OCU and RJ McLeod’s delivery capability provides us with more strategic options when delivering end to end programmes for our valued clients.

“Together, we are well placed to lead the way in the UK’s energy transition delivery.”

OCU Group said that RJ McLeod has increasingly focused on renewable energy, particularly onshore wind developments, and this work is a vital part of the Scottish government’s target to create 20GW of onshore wind capacity by 2030.

“Beyond wind farms, RJ McLeod also has specialist capabilities in battery storage and hydro-electric projects as well as in grid and substation construction,” said OCU Group.

“The business also has a strong market presence across the Scottish marine sector, as well as being a key provider for other civil engineering services such as roads, flood prevention and coastal protection.”

Bruce Clark, Joint MD of RJ McLeod, said: “Since the business was founded by Roderick John MacLeod in 1951, we have carried the ethos of enabling people to give their best and we are very proud of the team that has brought us to where the business is today.

“Looking forward we see even greater opportunities to maintain and grow the impact of our people and delivery for our clients within the OCU Group family.”

Graeme Clark, Joint MD of RJ McLeod, said: “RJ McLeod has been operating across mainland Scotland, the Western and Northern Isles for more than 70 years.

“Specialising in civil engineering, often related to complex projects, we have established a valued client base.

“We believe that joining OCU Group today has increased our ability to provide a more comprehensive service to existing and new clients.”