Edinburgh’s Craneware in Microsoft collaboration

Edinburgh-based Craneware plc, a provider of software for the US healthcare market, announced that it has signed agreements with Microsoft in the areas of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, technical innovation, and healthcare industry collaboration, including joint marketing initiatives.

“The collaboration will see the delivery of differentiated offerings and increased value to customers through the application of industry leading data analytics, AI, and modern platform technology,” said Craneware.

“As part of the agreement, Craneware’s Trisus Platform and select Trisus offerings will be available on the Azure Marketplace. Craneware has also signed a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) agreement.

“Craneware teams have begun co-innovation with Microsoft’s AI experts to accelerate the application of AI enhancements to existing Trisus offerings and the exploration of new AI-based applications.

“Craneware’s long heritage in the U.S. healthcare industry, as well as nearly 200 million unique patient encounters within its datasets, mean it is uniquely positioned to provide powerful, actionable insights to participants across the healthcare industry.

“These insights support better operational and strategic decisions, enabling further efficiencies in provider performance so they can focus on serving their communities and healthcare missions, transforming the business of healthcare.

“The first of the Trisus applications to be made available on the Microsoft commercial marketplace in July 2024 will be Trisus Chargemaster, Trisus Decision Support, and Trisus Labor Productivity.

“These offerings, supported by joint go-to-market initiatives and other activities will help expand The Craneware Group’s market reach via the Microsoft partner ecosystem.”

Craneware CEO Keith Neilson said: “We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with Microsoft and their Global Partner Solutions team, with the aim of bringing powerful AI offerings to the U.S. healthcare industry.

“This agreement deepens our relationship with Microsoft, aligning strategic goals and fostering collaboration on future technology initiatives, marking a milestone in our journey to transform the business of healthcare.”

Gareth Hall, senior director, Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft, said: “By combining the power of Microsoft Azure and its AI capabilities with Craneware’s innovative healthcare revenue integrity solutions, we’re thrilled to be able to support Craneware in not only elevating healthcare providers’ operational efficiency and financial performance, but also enhancing the quality of patient care.

“Together, we can bring advanced AI-powered solutions to market that will help healthcare customers transform their businesses, deliver impactful solutions, and demonstrate the additional power of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.”