AMTE Power shares rise amid certification

Shares of Thurso-based AMTE Power, a developer of lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery cells for specialist markets, rose about 5% amid news from the firm that it has become the first European business “to receive UN38.3 transportation testing certification for a sodium-ion cell.”

AMTE also announced that its Ultra Safe cells have been incorporated into 12 and 43-volt battery packs developed by AceOn for mobile energy storage.

AMTE Power said: “The accreditation for its Ultra Safe sodium-ion product marks another important step forward in AMTE Power’s commercialisation plans, allowing it to access global markets.

“UN38.3 certification has been adopted by regulators and competent authorities around the world as an essential standard for the safe transportation of cells.

“The protocol includes identifying/classifying cells; testing/qualification requirements; design guidance/conditions and packaging/shipping obligations.”

AMTE Power CEO Alan Hollis said: “Battery energy storage for homes and industry will play a fundamental role in helping the UK to deliver its decarbonisation goals and maximise the potential of renewables.

“Sodium-ion batteries are fast becoming an alternative to lithium counterparts, particularly for energy storage applications.

“Our sodium-ion cell has been specifically developed with these applications in mind, providing a safe, stable solution that doesn’t add to pressure on lithium stocks.

“We are seeing growing demand for our market leading technology used in the Ultra Safe product, and achieving UN38.3 certification marks a major milestone in our plans to scale up production to meet our customers’ needs.

“Furthermore, I am delighted to announce that our Ultra Safe cells have now been incorporated into 12 and 43-volt battery packs developed by AceOn for mobile energy storage.

“These are believed to be the first UK-developed battery packs based on sodium-ion and their performance will be demonstrated powering an inverter system at the Renewable Energy Workshop and Mobile Solar Power Energy Storage System Demonstration (REWED) today.”

AceOn MD Mark Thompson said: “Sodium-ion batteries are the next big development in battery technology. As far as I am aware we are the first company to have UK-developed sodium-ion battery packs in our hands.

“The fact that we are collaborating with a UK manufacturer in AMTE Power, and developing and building the packs in the UK ourselves, is vitally important for the country.

“It represents a real step-change in battery chemistry and offers huge opportunities across a range of industries and applications.”