BrewDog’s Watt launches new firm in ‘brand building’

BrewDog co-founder James Watt

BrewDog co-founder and former CEO James Watt announced he is starting a new business “in the brand building space” that will focus on “building community and rewarding everyday people for genuine brand advocacy and love.”

The business is called Social Tip.

“We already have an amazing team of eight people and I am looking for a few driven individuals to help me build a remarkable company,” wrote Watt in a LinkedIn post.

“USA General Manager – I am looking for someone to lead our US operations. The person needs to be an entrepreneurial self-starter and ideally someone with a keen interest in marketing and online marketing and someone who has partnered with brands to help them deliver results.

“A history of working with brands and an extensive network of brand contacts is key here.

“The role will be incredibly hands on and we are looking for someone experienced and ambitious who likes being in the trenches too. An equity package is available for this role.

“To apply for this role, please leave a comment or drop me a DM to register your interest. I will then be in touch.

“Social Tip Graduate Program (x2) – we are also looking for two extraordinary graduates to join us on our new graduate program.

“The two successful candidates will work directly with myself and our Director of Partnerships on the sales, marketing, community, brand and social media elements of our business – the roles will be completely focussed on growth. The graduate roles will be UK based.”

On May 8 Watt announced he would step down as BrewDog chief executive officer and move to a new role as “Captain & Co-Founder” — with chief operating officer James Arrow becoming the firm’s new CEO.

Watt said he will remain a BrewDog board member, a director, and will also be “part time strategic advisor to the business and our to leadership team.”

Watt will also retain his large BrewDog shareholding.