Blockchain ‘could add £4.5bn to Scotland’s GDP’

Suzanne Sosna

Scottish Enterprise has published a report into Scotland’s blockchain economy with a forecast that claims the technology has the potential to add £4.48 billion to Scotland’s GDP by 2030.

The report is entitled “Blockchain Industry in Scotland Landscape Overview: Companies, Investors, Influencers and Trends” and was produced by Deep Knowledge Analytics.

Blockchain works by allowing digital information to be recorded and distributed across a network of computers then stored in blocks that hold sets of data and linked together through cryptography, forming a chain of data.

“There are currently 60 blockchain centric companies, 78 Investors, 86 leaders and 33 hubs with a blockchain focus in Scotland with most companies located in Edinburgh,” said Scottish Enterprise.

“Economic opportunities are highlighted across eight sectors within the report – Agriculture, Manufacturing, Health, FMCG, Space, Energy, Finance and Education.

“Companies profiled in the report include Glasgow-based Gigged.AI that has also been supported by Scottish Enterprise and uses artificial intelligence blockchain technology for businesses to create secure and transparent records of candidate qualifications, experience, and work history.

“Key challenges include regulation and public awareness of the technology most closely associated with finance, however the report highlights that the technology has applications for industries such as entertainment and manufacturing with solutions for digital rights management and contracts.”

Suzanne Sosna, Scottish Enterprise director of economic opportunities, said: “This is the first review of its kind into the companies, investors and impact of blockchain that could unlock new and scalable innovation opportunities for our digital economy in Scotland.

“The technology is most associated with the financial sector, but we wanted to look beyond that across industries where blockchain technology might be lesser known, but no less innovative, such as in education where it’s used to make qualifications secure.

“Scottish Enterprise will continue to support the development of blockchain technology to help business growth and innovation in Scotland.”

Dominic Jennings, head of strategic partnerships for Deep Knowledge Analytics and Deep Knowledge Group, said: “The use of blockchain technology can encourage growth across a diverse range of sectors through the development of innovative and secure solutions with potential to significantly boost Scotland’s economic growth.

“Deep Knowledge Analytics is proud to have worked with Scottish Enterprise to produce this landmark report and to promote the future growth of the blockchain industry in Scotland.”