Beeks in partnership with South Africa’s STT

Beeks Financial Cloud Group plc, the Glasgow-based cloud computing and connectivity provider for financial markets, has announced a strategic partnership with South Africa-based Securities & Trading Technology (STT), a trading, clearing, and surveillance technology firm.

“This collaboration introduces a service-based solution to meet the evolving needs of the global financial markets, at a time where the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of trading and clearing solutions are paramount,” said Beeks.

“By combining Beeks’ financial cloud infrastructure with STT’s trading and clearing systems, clients will benefit from a comprehensive suite of services that will streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance market competitiveness.

“With this partnership, the offering will cover all aspects of exchange trading, from execution and risk management to surveillance, post-trade clearing, and settlement processes.

“Delivered as a fully managed service, this solution liberates financial institutions from the burden of heavy infrastructure investments and operational overhead, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

“This partnership underlines the shared commitment of Beeks and STT to setting new industry standards and delivering value to clients worldwide.”

Beeks CEO Gordon McArthur said: “Our collaboration with STT marks an exciting chapter in our mission to innovate the financial services industry.

“By leveraging our combined expertise, we will provide clients with a streamlined, risk-mitigated solution that is poised to transform the way financial institutions operate.”

STT chairman Zack Hodgson said: “Joining forces with Beeks represents a pivotal moment in our journey to redefine the financial market landscape.

“Together, we are set to deliver a complete state-of-the-art exchange trading and clearing solution, enabling institutions of all sizes to excel in this dynamic environment.”