Scotch wins trademark certification in South Africa

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) said it has successfully registered “Scotch Whisky” as a certification trademark in South Africa, the seventh largest Scotch Whisky market by volume.The SWA said “Scotch Whisky” is one of the first foreign registrations in South Africa with protection, making enforcement against counterfeit products being sold or passed off as Scotch Whisky easier.

Scotch Whisky exports earn the UK more than £4 billion annually.

Exports to South Africa increased 20.7% to £144 million in 2017, with nearly 100 bottles shipped there every minute.

South Africa joins more than 100 other countries where “Scotch Whisky” has been granted specific legal protection.

SWA chief executive Karen Betts said: “The registration of the ‘Scotch Whisky’ certification trademark in South Africa is a milestone for Scotland’s national drink in our largest export market in Africa, and one of the largest in the world.

“This registration offers Scotch Whisky a greater degree of legal protection and will allow us to prosecute rogue traders who seek to cash-in on the heritage, craft and quality of genuine Scotch.

“Consumers can enjoy Scotch Whisky confident that South Africa stands behind Scotch Whisky as a Scottish product, produced according to traditional methods.

“Scotch Whisky – the UK’s largest food and drink export – is growing in popularity in South Africa, with exports up over 20% last year alone.

“The legal protection of Scotch is another step towards the continued success of this iconic spirit.”