Edinburgh Filmhouse to reopen as UK Govt gives £1.5m

Filmhouse (Edinburgh) Ltd. announced it has been successful in its bid for UK Government Community Ownership Fund investment and has been awarded £1.5 million.

“This sum, along with the required £400K of match funding (which includes the crowdfunder) means that we can go ahead and sign a lease, and start the refurbishment work that will enable us to open the doors to the modern, comfortable venue that Filmhouse audiences deserve,” said Filmhouse (Edinburgh) on X.

“And, brilliantly, it will also allow us to add a small, multi-use, fourth screen which will support the programming of even more films – and be there for education activities.

“Filmhouse was not saved until this news came in; this is a game changer for the campaign, and every single supporter, whether a donor of money or encouragement, should know that their contribution has made this happen.

“THANK YOU from the bottom of our cinematic hearts, on behalf of everyone who wants Filmhouse back. The doors *will* open again. We’re aiming for the autumn.

“But yes, we *are* still fundraising, to make sure we have enough funds to cover the pre-opening costs (things like computers, staff recruitment, a launch campaign, etc.) as we ramp up the new, wider Filmhouse organisation.

“So the crowdfunder will therefore run, as planned, until the end of April. We’re in the home stretch – please do consider chipping in if you’re able.”

Following the collapse of Edinburgh Filmhouse’s parent charity, the Centre for Moving Image (CMI), in October 2022, the City of Edinburgh Council has been working closely with key stakeholders to secure a future for cultural cinema in the Capital.

Last November the council announced it would contribute £60,000 towards the Filmhouse campaign.

City of Edinburgh Council Culture and Communities Convener Val Walker said: “I’m delighted to hear that Filmhouse Edinburgh Ltd is to receive significant funding from the UK Government as part of their Community Ownership Levelling Up Fund.

“We all want to see a positive outcome for the Filmhouse and this is a significant step along that road.

“Alongside the wider stakeholder group, we look forward to our continued dialogue and working alongside the Filmhouse.

“We’re committed to having a home for cultural cinema in the heart of the city and for the wider sector going forward.

“Edinburgh is rightly one of the world’s the great cultural cities and cultural cinema is an integral part of this landscape.”

Filmhouse Edinburgh director Ginnie Atkinson said: “We are delighted that our bid for UK Government Community Ownership Fund investment has been successful.

“Many have dreamed of Filmhouse re-opening and this will make it possible not just to re-open but to create a fully refurbished cinema venue that meets modern audience expectations.

“It will also allow us to add a small, multi-use, fourth screen which will help optimise the diverse cultural programme of films and be available for education activities.”