Fairfax unveils cask whisky investment service

Glasgow-based Fairfax Whisky has officially launched its whisky investment service — with an emphasis on casks — to become the latest specialist firm to offer such a scheme.

The company said it has employed leading whisky experts to provide insight and market research for prospective investors.

“Fairfax Whisky is dedicated to helping investors understand investment-grade whisky and its place in a diversified portfolio,” the company said.

“Whisky investing has existed for centuries, but has been limited to insiders … we’re giving all investors access to this lucrative opportunity.”

According to Fairfax, some investment-grade whisky can appreciate in value as much as 440% in value over six years.

Fairfax also has offices in Tokyo, Philippines, China and Macau.

The company said it moved into whisky investment more than a decade ago, extending a family business that specialized in antiques and collectibles from 1962.

Fairfax said it has amassed one of the world’s largest selections of rare casks, bottles and collections of whisky.

It said it has an extensive world-wide network of wholesalers, distributors, collectors and auction houses and that its partners include auction houses such as Spink (Hong Kong & London) and Acker Merall, Condit (Hong Kong & New York).

“Most buyers have so far invested in whisky bottles; however, casks are becoming increasingly popular, with some distilleries selling their own casks, as well as professional cask brokers doing the same,” said Fairfax.

“The distinct difference between casks and bottles is, of course, that whisky from a cask is still in its maturation process.

“As such, purchasing a cask and storing it in your basement is not recommended; it must be stored by experienced professionals in the whisky industry.

“We, at Fairfax Whisky, store our casks in Scotland, where they are carefully monitored by our experts.

“Our specialists possess decades of experience in ensuring casks mature with precision.

“The age of our casks range considerably, with some only several years old, and others having been slowly maturing for over a decade.”

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