Strong year for Perthshire estate and farm sales

Emma Chalmers, CKD Galbraith’s head of estate agency in Perthshire

2015 was a strong year for estate sales in Perthshire and Angus and demand from potential buyers has continued into 2016, according to CKD Galbraith.

“Estates in Perthshire and Angus have an enduring popularity and perennial appeal and we currently have buyers actively looking for the right property in this part of the country,” said Emma Chalmers, CKD Galbraith’s head of estate agency in Perthshire, who has just been promoted to the firm’s partnership.

“In the last 12 months, we have sold five estates totalling over 12,000 acres and with a value of £17 million.

“The message to potential sellers is that there are serious buyers and potential exists for private sales.

“The market in 2016 has so far been very positive and a degree of momentum is starting to build.

“Where country houses are priced realistically, we are seeing viewing numbers rise whilst rural properties offering a scenic location or sought after amenity such as paddocks and woodland are continuing to attract competition from buyers.”

On farm sales in Perthshire, Ian Hope, CKD Galbraith partner, said that in addition to those sold on the open market, farms with a total value in excess of £10 million were sold privately to buyers last year.

“The nature of private sales of course means that the properties don’t appear on the open market, which can give the impression that the market is not moving as much as it actually is,” said Hope.

“However, private sales remain an important vehicle for those looking to sell and to buy.”