Sea fishing haul falls 15% to £437m

The value of sea fish and shellfish landed by Scottish registered vessels in 2015 fell by 15% in real terms to £437 million and the quantity fell by 8% to 440 thousand tonnes, according to Scotland’s chief statistician.

The number of active fishing vessels registered in Scotland fell 15 to 2,015 at the end of 2015, and the number of fishermen employed rose 27 to 4,823.

Mackerel remains the most valuable stock to the Scottish fleet, accounting for 30% — £131 million — of the total value of Scottish fish landings.

But in 2015, mackerel landings fell in value in real terms by 33%, driven by a 17% drop in the quantity of mackerel landed.

Nephrops — lobster — remains the most valuable shellfish species to the Scottish fleet, accounting for 14% or £61 million of the total value of all Scottish fish landings.

Both the value in real terms and quantity landed of Nephrops fell by 19% from 2014, while the price per tonne increased by 1%.