30-year Scots infrastructure commission starts work

An independent commission to advise on a 30 year strategy for infrastructure investment in Scotland has appointed its final members.

The group, chaired by former Scottish Power CEO Ian Russell, will provide independent, informed advice on the vision, ambition and priorities for infrastructure in Scotland.

The newly appointed commissioners are Professor Iain Docherty, Ken Gillespie, Benny Higgins, Mary Pitcaithly, Rachel Skinner, Grahame Smith, Sara Thiam, John Trower and Professor Janette Webb.

Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure Michael Matheson said: “I am delighted the Infrastructure Commission is starting its work.

“Together the members bring a wide and balanced range of skills and insights.

“It has a key role in advising Scottish Ministers on strategic investments to boost inclusive economic growth, improve services and support delivery of Scotland’s low carbon objectives.

“We know the value of investing in infrastructure goes beyond the physical homes, schools and hospitals we see in everyday life.

“It also unlocks economic potential, supports jobs and allows our businesses and communities to strengthen and grow.

“And it plays a crucial role in connecting our people, businesses and communities.

“Under our new National Infrastructure Mission, Scottish Ministers have committed to steadily increase annual investment so it is £1.56 billion more in 2025-26 than in 2019-20, meaning more than £25 billion in infrastructure investment through the next Parliament.

“It is really important stakeholders and people across Scotland have their say about what is needed and how it might best be delivered.

“The open engagement the commission will undertake will ensure high quality advice and help us put in place the best infrastructure for Scotland’s needs.”