Port of Aberdeen invests £55m in net zero push

Port of Aberdeen has announced a commitment to invest £55 million over the next 10 years to become the UK’s first net zero port by 2040.

The £55 million net zero commitment comes after the port has already invested more than half a billion pounds in infrastructure in recent years.

This includes the transformational South Harbour expansion which will unlock growth opportunities in the energy transition, including offshore wind, hydrogen, and decommissioning.

Port of Aberdeen CEO Bob Sanguinetti said: “Today we launched our net zero strategy with the aim of becoming the UK’s first net zero port by 2040.

“Strong partnerships and investment across the public and private sectors are essential to deliver this transformational change which will deliver significant benefits for the environment, local communities, and wider maritime sector.”

Port of Aberdeen said: “To track its progress towards net zero, Port of Aberdeen will measure its emissions against a 2019 baseline, with 55,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emitted across scope 1, 2, and 3. Notably, 97% of emissions were attributed to 9,500 vessel arrivals, recorded as scope 3.

“Additionally, the port is measuring performance against a carbon intensity metric based on gross vessel tonnage, once the new Aberdeen South Harbour development has been fully operational for 12 months …

“The introduction of shore power at scale, starting with first power at three berths in 2024, and facilitating low carbon alternative fuels for client vessels are expected to generate significant reductions in emissions in the years to come.

“Achieving success in these areas will require a phased approach and strong partnerships with stakeholders, investors, and vessel owners.”