Centrica invests in big Perthshire battery storage plant

Centrica Business Solutions said it has secured the development rights to a 65MW two-hour battery storage plant in Perthshire, Scotland, its largest battery storage acquisition to date.

“The site in Abernethy is located near a connection for North Sea offshore wind farms and will help manage grid capacity by charging when demand for power is low, and discharging when demand is at its highest,” said Centrica Business Solutions.

“Once connected to the grid in 2028, the 65MW two-hour battery will be able to store enough electricity to power 130,000 homes for an hour – the equivalent to a town the size of Aberdeen. The discharge could happen up to four times a day.

“Capturing and storing energy for use when and where it’s needed will play an essential role in improving the UK’s energy security and maximising the potential of offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

The project forms part of Centrica’s plan to deliver 1GW of low carbon energy assets and will join the 30MW battery storage plant in Aberdeenshire – which is set to go live in mid-2024.”

Gregory McKenna, managing director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “The new battery storage site is our biggest project to date, and demonstrates our long-term commitment to improving the energy independence of the UK.

“If the country wants to achieve a reliable, secure and decarbonised power system, then battery storage sites must be the rule rather than the exception. Storing energy at times of surplus to keep the lights on during times of peak demand will be key to delivering on these ambitious targets.

“However, the five-year wait for a connection date shines a light on the challenges renewable energy projects like this continue to face with the grid being totally constrained.

“To keep the net zero transition on track, it’s important that we work to speed up grid connections and avoid further delays to new and existing projects.”