Mackie’s ice cream sales hit £20m amid UK growth

Mackie’s of Scotland, the family-owned ice cream, food and drink brand, has announced record sales after pursuing an ambitious growth strategy across the UK.

Mackie’s said it has more than doubled its ice cream sales in 10 years, with sales of its ice cream alone reaching more than £20 million in its last financial year.

The growth has seen Mackie’s add half a million customers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to its significant existing share in Scotland, where it occupies 21% of the ice cream market.

The company produces all its ice cream using fresh milk and cream on its fifth-generation family dairy farm, Westertown, near Inverurie in Aberdeenshire.

“Mackie’s strong sales figures in financial year 2022-23 were underpinned by an 11% annual increase in the ice cream company’s market penetration across the whole of the UK,” said the firm.

“This increase in penetration is tied to Mackie’s sales successes upon landing nationwide spots in major retailers for its second most popular flavour, Honeycomb, which finds itself alongside Mackie’s best-selling Traditional across the UK in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons.

“Prior to this, it was predominantly Mackie’s Scottish customers who were familiar with its wide range of ice cream flavours, and the expansion of choice beyond Traditional to the rest of the UK has proved popular with the nation’s ice cream consumers, reflected in strong sales growth for the company.

“Reaching £20m in ice cream sales is the latest data point on the company’s track-record of long-term sustainable growth, having begun making ice cream in 1986 when it began its transition from producing and selling milk after noticing changes in consumer buying habits.”

Mackie’s MD Stuart Common said: “Our recent sales success is a reflection of our team’s hard work and considered, responsible decision-making.

“While the cost-of-living crisis has pushed up the prices for our raw materials, we’ve taken every effort to limit price rises that are passed onto our customers, which has been reflected in reduced profits.

“However, our increase in both sales and market share demonstrates that consumers reward companies like Mackie’s for leaving more in their pocket without compromising product flavour, sustainability, or quality.

“We’re thrilled to have returned such an impressive increase in our sales during a difficult period for the sector.

“The key for us now is to continue to grow our reach while ensuring our new customers become long term advocates for us, as the economy settles.”