Scots international goods exports up 12.6% to £37bn


The value of Scottish international goods exports rose 12.6% to £36.7 billion in the year ending June 2023, according to latest figures from HMRC.

The value of UK international goods exports rose 12.2% to £379.8 billion.

Scotland’s top trading partner over the year was Netherlands, with £7 billion of exports.

HMRC said Scotland’s goods exports to EU countries were worth £22 billion — up £2.4 billion or 12%.

The largest increase in EU exports was in petroleum, petroleum products and related materials — up £1.7 billion, or 22%.

Scotland’s goods exports to non-EU countries were worth £15 billion — up £1.7 billion or 13%.

The largest increase in non-EU exports was in beverages — up £700 million or 20%.​

Richard Lochhead, the Scottish Government’s Minister for Small Business, Innovation, Tourism & Trade, said: “These figures show a strong performance for Scotland’s exports, despite these very challenging economic times.

“They are testament to the resilience and quality of Scottish businesses and highlight the success of our export growth plan, which aims to increase the value of our exports to 25% of GDP by 2029.

“Exports boost the economy by driving growth and creating jobs.

“They are a key part of our National Strategy for Economic Transformation and we continue to develop Scotland’s world-class expertise in areas such as life sciences, renewables, digi-tech and food and drink, and through initiatives such as the Scottish Government’s Innovation Strategy.”