Edinburgh University income up to £908m

The University of Edinburgh said its total income for the year ended July 31, 2016 was £908 million — including exceptional items of £19 million — up from total income of £846 million in 2015.

The university said its expenditure also rose, up to £844 million from £830 million.

It said it had “total comprehensive income” of £56 million, up from £53 million — but that only 27% of that, £15 million, “represents funds available for reinvestment.”

The university’s student population grew by 6% during the year to 37,510.

Tuition fee income rose by £31.1 million, partly due “to the fourth and final year of the new RUK fee regime” and an 11% increase in international student numbers.

Research income from grants and contracts grew 10% on the previous year to £253.9 million.

Staff costs as a proportion of total operating income was 52.6%.

The university had investments of £471 million, up from £327 million.

Total net assets were £1.92 billion, up from £1.86 billion.

“The University of Edinburgh continues to meet the challenges of an uncertain and rapidly changing environment and this year has been another great example of where we have achieved our financial objectives by delivering our ambitious plans through financially sustainable execution allowing us to excel as a truly global university,” said the university in its 2015-16 financial review.

“In an increasingly competitive environment we are pleased to have increased operational income by 7% which underlines the quality of our financial sustainability and demonstrates how the university is again well placed financially to deal with its short and longer term commitments.”