Pensions lift Scots household wealth to £857bn

The most recent Wealth & Assets Survey (WAS) for Great Britain showed that aggregate total wealth of private households in Scotland increased to £856.6 billion in 2012-14, the Scottish Government said.

The survey does not include state pensions or business assets owned by household members.

Although all components of private household wealth in Scotland increased, pension wealth continued to be the largest component, accounting for 48%.

The wealthiest 10% of households owned 43% of all private wealth in Scotland, while the least wealthy 50% owned 9%.

The wealthiest 1% owned more wealth than the bottom 50% of households, the Scottish Government said.

The wealthiest 10% of households owned 67% of financial wealth, 54% of private pension wealth, 43% of property wealth and 34% of physical wealth.

In contrast, the least wealthy half of households owned less than 2% of financial wealth, 2% of private pension wealth, 5% of property wealth and 18% of physical wealth.

“The wealthiest 10% had an average total wealth of £1.34 million, compared with £18,300 for the least wealthy 30% of households,” said the Scottish Government.

Amongst the least wealthy households more than four in five were in rented accommodation (compared to 2% of the wealthiest households), one in five had a savings account (compared with four in five of the wealthiest households), the median financial wealth was £500 (compared with £103,416 for the wealthiest households), and more than one in 10 had household arrears (compared with 1% of the wealthiest households).

  • The Scottish survey for WAS does not sample households north of the Caledonian Canal or on the Scottish islands.