ESM £25m fund seeks Scots tech ventures

Steven Morris

ESM Investments is to launch a specialist £25 million fund in 2018 to fuel further growth in Scots-based technology.

The company aims to attract high net worth individuals throughout the UK to pool investments through a newly established Venture Capital Trust (VCT).

Since its formation in 2011, ESM has invested £8 million in technology start-ups across a number of sectors including energy, finance, media and the arts.

Through the VCT it is now seeking to grow its investor base from 80 to 200 individuals.

The company is to primarily invest new funds in “next stage” technology developments.  

Steven Morris, Founder and CEO of ESM Investments, said: “We have tremendous confidence in the Scots based technology sector.

“We believe now is the right time to scale up with new funding to support next stage developments.

“New investment is critical to technology businesses to take ideas through implementation and deliver success.

“This benefits the entrepreneurs and engaged investors.

“We have a stream of opportunities presented to us on a regular basis and, in Scotland, an unrivalled tradition and strength in depth of an investment community to support them.  

“Without this support many great ideas are commonly halted six months after inception.

“The funding and ongoing support of an invention is in many ways as important as the invention itself.

“We have a sharp focus on Scots based technology developments and continue to see them as exceptional investment opportunities.

“That is the primary driver behind the launch of the VCT.”