Scotland to get £780m coronavirus funding

The UK Treasury announced on Monday afternoon that the UK’s devolved governments will receive at least £1.5 billion “to make sure they have the resources they need to support people and businesses through COVID-19.”

“This will mean they can increase funding for the NHS and provide grants to businesses,” said the Treasury.

The Scottish Government will receive £780 million, the Welsh Government £475 million and the Northern Ireland Executive £260 million – worked out through the Barnett formula.

UK finance minister Rishi Sunak said: “We will do what is right to help businesses and individuals in every part of the UK.

“That is why we announced a special funding package at the Budget last week to support those affected by COVID19.

“Today I am confirming this additional funding that will ensure the devolved administrations can support vulnerable people, businesses and vital public services, including the NHS, in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”