Lord Advocate makes Brexit cases intervention

The Scottish Government said on Monday afternoon that the Lord Advocate  James Wolffe QC has lodged applications to intervene in two legal cases “aimed at stopping the UK Parliament being suspended ahead of the Brexit deadline.”

It said Scotland’s most senior law officer is seeking permission to make representations to hearings at the Court of Session in Edinburgh and the High Court in London.

“If the applications are approved, the Lord Advocate will contend that the UK Government’s prorogation of the Westminster Parliament prevents scrutiny and represents an abuse of executive power,” said the Scottish Government.

“The hearing at the Court of Session takes place on 3 September before Lord Doherty and has been brought by Joanna Cherry MP and others.

“On 5 September the High Court hears a separate action brought by anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller.”

Constitutional Affairs Secretary Michael Russell said: “Accountable government is a fundamental principle of our democracy.

“This attempt to suspend the UK Parliament at such a critical time is a clear attempt to silence opposition and must be resisted.

“The democratic wishes of the Scottish people and the Scottish Parliament should not be allowed to be brushed aside as if they did not matter.”