Edrington now 80% shareholder in Wyoming Whiskey

By Mark McSherry

Glasgow-based drinks company Edrington — owner of Scotch whisky brands The Macallan, The Glenrothes, Highland Park and The Famous Grouse — announced that it has become the majority shareholder in Wyoming Whiskey.

Building on the 35% stake that Edrington acquired in 2018, the Glasgow business has increased its shareholding to 80% in a deal with Wyoming Whiskey’s founding shareholders, led by Kate Mead, Brad Mead and David DeFazio.

“Wyoming Whiskey was born and bred on the Mead family ranch in Kirby, WY,” said Edrington.

“It will continue to be made in Kirby and this deepening of the relationship sees Edrington welcoming the 37 employees working in Wyoming into the wider Edrington business.

“Since joining the Edrington portfolio in 2018, Wyoming Whiskey has been part of the company’s Partnership Brands business unit, which has collaborated with colleagues in the US to build its reputation as a unique ultra-premium+ American Whiskey.

“During that time, the brand has grown volume and value in the US faster than the ultra-premium American Whiskey category, making it an excellent fit for Edrington’s strategy and values.”

Edrington Director of Partnership Brands Jane Graham said: “With a compelling brand story, natural ultra-premium credentials stemming from its origins, and its inherent scarcity, Wyoming Whiskey is a great fit for Edrington’s ultra-premium strategy.

“Our majority shareholding gives Edrington the opportunity to get closer than ever to every aspect of Wyoming Whiskey and increase investment behind the brand.”

Wyoming Whiskey founding shareholder Brad Mead said: “Our partnership with Edrington over the past five years has been extraordinarily productive.

“Edrington’s track record of creating iconic ultra-premium whiskeys and building authentic brands makes the company the perfect partner going forward. We’re excited about the future of Wyoming Whiskey and our continued association with Edrington.”

Edrington CEO Scott McCroskie said: “The ultra-premium American Whiskey category is going through a period of rapid growth.

“This is an exciting opportunity to apply Edrington’s skills in crafting exceptional ultra-premium spirit brands to continue Wyoming Whiskey’s premiumisation journey.”

Edrington is headquartered in Scotland and employs over 3,000 people in its wholly owned and joint venture companies, with over half employed outside the UK. Edrington’s principal shareholder is The Robertson Trust, which has donated £322 million to charitable causes in Scotland since 1961.