Glasgow’s DeepMatter signs India contract; shares up

Shares of Glasgow-based DeepMatter Group plc, the AIM-listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, rose about 4% on Tuesday after it announced it signed a contract with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited in Hyderabad, India, for its DigitalGlassware platform.

“DeepMatter will provide its DigitalGlassware platform to Dr Reddy’s process development team who are looking to the development and scale up of chemistry procedures to handover to colleagues,” said the Glasgow company.

“This collaboration is part of DeepMatter’s ongoing strategy to provide its DigitalGlassware platform to the major global Contract Research Organisations (CRO’s) where the need for reproducibility is paramount to accelerate the discovery of new drugs.

Dr. Reddy’s manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceuticals in India and overseas and has built strong R&D capabilities not just in India, but worldwide, making it a partner of choice in contract research, development, and manufacturing services.

“As it seeks to constantly build on its digital capabilities, DigitalGlassware will look to play a key role in this strategy.

DigitalGlassware comprises a cloud-based software platform allowing scientists to easily bring together digitised synthesis protocols (recipes) and contextualised time-course sensor streams from a range of analytical instrumentation, importantly in real-time.”

DeepMatter Group CEO Mark Warne said: “We are focused on creating value for the world’s largest CROs with our DigitalGlassware platform. 

“We are working with them to firmly establish it as the go-to platform for capturing and structuring time-course sensor data in the lab, to enable improved insights for better productivity and discovery.   

Dr Reddy’s are actively interested in the capture of parameters that they can utilise for their process development and modelling activities. 

“We are working with them to see how DigitalGlassware, with the use of sensor devices, can aid in the capture of these important parameters and facilitate analysis of runs performed at Dr Reddy’s.