Parsley Box shareholders vote to become private firm

Edinburgh-based ready meals firm Parsley Box Group plc said its shareholders have approved its proposal to cancel its ordinary shares trading on the AIM stock market and re-register the firm as a private limited company.

Parsley Box joined the stock market in March last year at £2 per share — but the firm suffered a torrid experience as a public company with its shares falling more than 98%.

The firm said in a stock exchange statement“Parsley Box Group plc, the direct to consumer provider of ready meals and other products focused on the 65+ demographic, announces that, at the general meeting of the company held earlier today, the special resolutions in respect of the proposed cancellation of the admission of the company’s ordinary shares to trading on AIM, the re-registration of the company as a private limited company and the adoption of new articles of association were duly passed by shareholders on a show of hands.

As set out in the circular to shareholders of 18 November 2022, the cancellation will become effective on 22 December 2022 and it is expected that the re-registration will occur by 30 December 2022.

“Shareholders are reminded that the last day of dealings in Parsley Box ordinary shares on AIM will be 21 December 2022.”