Port of Aberdeen turnover rises 17% to £39m

Port of Aberdeen

Port of Aberdeen has announced that it returned to pre-pandemic levels of activity in 2022, one year ahead of forecast.

The port increased turnover by 17% to £39.2 million as vessel arrival numbers surpassed 6,800, up 12% on the previous year, and more than 27.7 million tonnes of vessels and goods moved through the port.

An operating profit of £21.3 million was earned, a 22% increase on 2021.

The Northern Isles ferry service continued its recovery with 163,000 passengers travelling through Aberdeen, a 47% increase compared to 2021.

“These increased activities have had a positive impact on the local economy, creating jobs, attracting local supply chain spend and investment,” said Port of Aberdeen.

“As a Trust port, the profits are reinvested to enhance facilities for future generations.

“As construction at the transformative Aberdeen South Harbour expansion nears completion in the coming weeks, the port is poised to capitalise on future growth, supporting the oil and gas, renewables, decommissioning, general cargo, and cruise sectors.”

Port of Aberdeen CEO Bob Sanguinetti said: “None of our success today, or in the future is possible without our people and I am incredibly proud of the team.

“Their expertise, coupled with our world-class infrastructure, strategic location and unrivalled supply chain on our doorstep means we are ideally positioned to capitalise on opportunities for growth in energy transition, trade, and tourism.

“In recent years, we have invested more than half a billion pounds in our infrastructure and now even closer private and public sector collaboration is needed to unlock the port’s full potential for the nation.”