Chemistry firm DeepMatter links with Leeds University

Glasgow-based DeepMatter Group plc, the AIM-listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, and the Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD) at the University of Leeds, said they started a project to integrate DeepMatter’s technology platform DigitalGlassware within the iPRD’s laboratories.

“The project is a step in the development of a robotic laboratory, where chemicals will be synthesized with the assistance of artificial intelligence systems,” said DeepMatter.

“iPRD is a leading centre that brings together international experts in chemistry and engineering to support manufacturing process innovation.

“Working with Dr. Richard Bourne, Associate Professor at iPRD and a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellow in Digital Manufacturing and Discovery of Pharmaceuticals, DeepMatter will expand its platform to integrate with third-party laboratory and analytical equipment, integral to iPRD’s operations.

“As a result, DigitalGlassware will be capable of full integration across the breadth of third-party hardware required by the modern process development lab.”

DeepMatter CEO Mark Warne said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the highly regarded research team at the iPRD.

“By integrating third-party analytical platforms and hardware into our DigitalGlassware platform, the iPRD, and all future DigitalGlassware users, will be able to facilitate complex data capture on a longitudinal scale, redefining what it means to have a truly digital laboratory.

“This is another major step forward for the capabilities of DigitalGlassware, significantly increasing its applicability to the process chemistry industry.”

Dr. Richard Bourne, Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, added: “We are constantly seeking ways to bring the benefits of the digital age to the lab.

“It is an unceasing challenge for the chemical industry to reduce the time scale for development of new chemical products to the point of reliable manufacture and entrance into the marketplace.

“Faster capture, manipulation and analysis of data will be key tools in this endeavour and we are delighted to be working with the DeepMatter team to bring these benefits to the iPRD.”